Kariong Mountains High School

Unity Knowledge Respect

Telephone02 4340 0246



The school is comprised of 29 permanent home bases (classrooms), 2 demountables, a library, senior study area, gymnasium, performance space, science rooms, food technology and applied studies workshops featuring the latest resources and technology. Site works feature playing field and games courts as well as a number of outdoor learning areas. School traffic is managed by the inclusion of a bus lay-by and a parent pick-up and drop-off zone.

Designed with environmental practice in mind, the buildings are oriented to the north to maximise comfortable conditions for students and staff while minimising energy consumption. Transparent roof strips over major spaces maximise natural light while natural ventilation is encouraged by the design of the room layout and the provision of roof ventilators. Roof insulation assists in minimising energy consumption.

The school is designed to complement and support modern teaching practices. Communication cabling for voice, video and data is provided throughout the school. This provision enables comprehensive networking, internet and e-mail access for staff and students.

Hire of Facilities

Organisations are invited to enquire about hire of facilities by contacting our Business Manager, Mrs Jackie Ayres on 4340 0246 during office hours 8.30am – 3.30pm or by email: kariongmtn-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Community User Agreement

A Community User Agreement must be completed by anyone wanting to use the facilities. This agreement must be approved by the Principal, the Axiom Consortium and the DET PPP Unit. As this process may take some time, potential users should ensure that they make contact with the school well in advance of the date required for use.

Cost of hire

The cost of hire of facilities depends on the nature of usage, whether the group is profit or non-profit and the level of risk as determined by the consortium. The Axiom Consortium has the power of veto over any applications and groups should not assume that Community Use Agreements have been approved until notification is received from the school. An estimate of hire costs is available from the Business Manager.