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Kariong Mountains High School was established with technology as a key focus area and as such our students have dedicated technology lessons in Stage 4 and there is high level usage of technology in many lessons, across all years.

There are an increasing number of students interested in using their own devices at school. We encourage the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option as it can streamline the connection between learning at school and learning at home. In 2021, the school is making changes to its access to technology in the classroom. Students are encouraged to BYOD in all years. Students unable to bring a device such as a laptop, Chromebook or Macbook will need to borrow a Chromebook from school for the day.

Day Loan System

The day loan system requires students and parents to complete a loan contract, for the year, before a Chromebook can be loaned. Students will be required to have their student ID card when borrowing a Chromebook for the day and arrive to school at least 10 minutes early to borrow the Chromebook and case. Chromebooks will not be loaned once the school day starts. Senior students who start after period 1 will be able to borrow the Chromebook through the library once they arrive at school to start their day.

Day loan laptops will be able to be returned to the library during break times and their designated return room at the end of the day.

Below is a link to our policies page, where you can access the current guide for parents and students interested in bringing a device to school. There is a copy of the agreement and responsibilities students must follow if they choose to bring a device to school and a copy of the day loan laptop agreement for students borrowing a school Chromebook for the day.

To register on the Day Loan System, please complete the contract by following the link below (student and parent/caregiver must complete):