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Parent resources

In this section we provide handy links and resources for our parents.

Welcoming Year 7 to KMHS in 2023

In welcoming and preparing Year 7 cohort for the transition to high school, Stage 3 students from the surrounding primary schools are invited to participate in gala days, science week and the orientation day in Term 4. 

2023 Information Booklet – Kariong Mountains High School

2023 Year 7 Parent Information Slideshow (PDF)

Accelerated Program

Kariong Mountains High School offers an accelerated program for gifted and talented students, which you can read more about by following the link below:

KMHS High Achievers Selective Class

2022 Equipment Lists

The PDF links below include handy lists of equipment students need for years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Year 7 Equipment List – 2022

Year 8 Equipment List – 2022

Year 9 Equipment List – 2022

Year 10 Equipment List – 2022

BYOD & Laptop Day Loan

Day Loan Laptop System

KMHS encourages the 'Bring Your Own Device' option as it can streamline the connection between learning at school and learning at home. Students unable to bring a device such as a laptop, Chromebook or Macbook will need to borrow a Chromebook from school for the day.

To register on the Day Loan System, please complete the contract by following the link below (student and parent/caregiver must complete the form):

Learning Resources

The links below provide quick access to pages on this website where you can find information and resources to assist with learning from home (including organisational changes during COVID) and updated careers information (application dates, online courses, webinars and more).

Assessment Policy Booklets and Reporting Information

Assessment guidelines, schedules and policies can be accessed on the page below, where you will also find a handy ‘Keep Calm’ guide to terms and jargon at the top of the page.


Compass – Student & Parent Portal

In 2021, Kariong Mountains High School moved to Compass Education for school administration.

Once registered, parents/carers can use the portal app to manage absence notes, excursion permission notes and payments, view and download published reports, send messages, access student timetable information and more. The PDF below provides a detailed overview for parents/carers on how to access and use the portal:

Compass Portal – Parent Guide

If you are having difficulties please contact the front office for more information.

Permission Notes

Permission and medical notes for excursions and out of school activities are generally sent home with students and can also be accessed on the parent/student portal. Please contact the school If you need a copy or are having trouble accessing or completing permission notes online.

School Fees and Payments

The school fees page provides information about subject fees relating to each Year group/Stage, along with information about using the POP (Parent Online Payments) system.

School Buses

School bus services to and from the school are provided by Busways for students from the Mountains Community. Visit the link below for information and the current timetable:

Bus transport information

KMHS Uniform Shop & School Canteen

The Uniform Shop page provides information about the school uniform, along with the order form and sizing chart. Visit the Canteen page to download the current menu (handy to keep on the fridge at home). There is also information about placing orders and special dietary requirements or allergies.

Student Wellbeing

The links below provide quick access to information about our Welfare Team, Counselling and Medication protocols.

Contact Protocols

School Office Hours

The school phone line (4340 0246) is open from 8.30am – 3.30pm each school day. Office staff will cordially respond to your enquiries and ensure that messages are sent through to staff in as timely a period as possible.

Parents are welcome to come to the school office and make personal enquiries or to arrange an appointment. All visitors are reminded that they must report to the office on entering school grounds as per child protection guidelines.

Mobile Phones

Many students have mobile phones and speak with parents throughout break times. Please ensure that issues related to leaving school, sickness and incidents are communicated to the office so that students' well-being can be monitored and acted upon by school staff in a timely and appropriate manner.


Relevant messages will be passed onto students as soon as possible after they are received. It is appreciated that enough time is given to ensure student receives the message especially if it is a change in home time routine.

Email Messages

The school's email account is processed each morning. Messages to staff are forwarded at this time. However, response from staff may be up to 48 hours to allow for timetabling constraints. Please do not send student work to the school's email account for printing as we are unable to accommodate these requests.