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Safety and welfare

KMHS Student Safety and Wellbeing Policies

This page contains excerpts from KMHS policies relating to student welfare, please visit the link below to access the full list of school policies:

KMHS Policies & Procedures

KMHS Anti Bullying Plan

Kariong Mountains High School rejects all forms of bullying. We believe that this school should be a happy and safe place for everyone and that the school day should be free from bullying, harassment and intimidation…

Report an incident

To report an incident or raise a concern, please contact the school to speak with your child's Year Advisor or the Deputy Principal.

Student Support Policy

The welfare of students at our school is the responsibility of the whole school community. It is imperative that all staff not only support and respond to the students in their own classrooms, but look for opportunities to acknowledge and support all students in our school. Acknowledgement may be through co-curricular activities, within the playground setting and through involvement in sport.

Kariong Mountains High School student support policy is part of our whole school framework …

Student Welfare Policy

Research carried out in The Gatehouse Project, conducted by the Victorian Health Department, shows that the three priority areas of Safety and Security, Relationships and Positive Regard as being fundamental to creating a school environment that meet the social, emotional and academic needs of students and in creating a positive attitude to learning. Kariong Mountain’s welfare policy is in response to these findings.

A sense of security and trust in others is fundamental to emotional well-being. Members of the school community need to feel safe, not just from physical harm, or threats of physical harm, but also safe to be themselves, whatever their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, family background and interests. They need to feel able to express their point of view, or to take part in school activities without fear of being ridiculed, left out, or isolated …