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The library aims to provide a vibrant, supportive and contemporary learning environment where the curriculum, recreational and reading interests and needs of students and staff are met. The library’s physical space includes a whole class area, individual research and study areas, seminar rooms, a soft chair reading area and a senior study. The library caters for whole class, small group and individual research, reading and study requirements.

Fiction, Fact, Research...

Reading for Pleasure

KMHS Library aims to have a fiction collection that will draw all students into the library, no matter their age, sex, reading level or interests. Library staff recognise that reading for pleasure is fundamental to promoting future social mobility of students and are keenly aware of research showing that teens who pick up a book for pleasure are more likely to succeed.

KMHS Library staff seeks to inspire students to read, seeing reading as a way to discover different lives and new emotions, and promoting empathy and emotional literacy. We believe that there is a book for everyone and, as teacher librarians, we see our role as helping students to find the book that resonates with them.

Guided Inquiry Supporting Research

The Guided Inquiry model fits the key attributes of 21st Century skills of competency, collaboration, critical and creative thinking and communication. Its link to quality teaching are evident in that it enables students to engage intellectually with a research topic undertaken in an environment of quality learning with students as self-directed learners who self and peer evaluate.

Engage in Reading

Wheelers ePlatform

New titles are regularly added on our ebook and audiobook platform. Students can access these and other titles via their Oliver Library link in their Student Portal.

Library break time activities

Pop into the library during break time for inspiring activities (Manga, puzzles, chess…), reading or studying. There are plenty of fun things to do and the library staff are always happy to help you find that next captivating book to read!

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