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Unity Knowledge Respect

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Principal’s welcome to KMHS

Welcome to Kariong Mountains High School

Donna James - Principal at Kariong Mountains High School

Welcome to Kariong Mountains High School – situated in the Mt Penang Parklands, on the land of the Darkinjung people. We are a dynamic, innovative school, providing quality teaching programs and learning opportunities for our students. In 2020 we celebrated our first decade of quality learning.

Kariong Mountains High School takes pride in our high expectations and our ability to provide an inclusive learning environment.

Our purpose is to challenge and provide the support environment for students to reach their full potential, having the skills necessary to be respected and successful citizens in an ever-changing society.

Our vision is to be our community’s first school of choice, by excelling in the provision of quality student learning and welfare needs. The school’s broad and diverse curriculum aims to cater to the individual learning needs of each student, through combining future focused learning with academic, cultural, sporting, vocational and community service endeavours.

Exceptional Curriculum Offerings

Project-Based Learning - ASAP

ASAP (Acquired Skills, Applied Projects) is a Project Based Learning subject, offered to Stage 4 students at Kariong Mountains High School. This subject has two streams, Bara (Darkinjung word meaning make), which has a STEM focus and Ngura (Darkinjung word meaning my land or my community), which has a humanities focus. 

The content studied and projects created are all designed to offer the students authentic 21st century learning experiences and to promote key elements of our Summit Wheel: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, citizenship and character, whilst also addressing outcomes across a variety of Key Learning Areas.

ASAP is taught in our future focused space in C block and each lesson is delivered by two teachers, in a ‘Team Teaching’ model, allowing students to gain the additional assistance and expertise of another teacher in the space.


The school has a specialised focus in STEM/technology and has formed close links with industry and tertiary institutions to make us an exemplar in this area. A high achievers selective class operates from Year 7. Students selected for this class have demonstrated expertise and capability in literacy and numeracy and will be accelerated in science. All students study units in the focus areas during their Stage 4 curriculum (for example, forensics, horticulture, exercise and sport science) and then have opportunities to undertake VET courses and Stage 5/6 electives if there is an interest in continuing study in this field.


We are a welcoming and friendly school, working collaboratively and in close partnership with parents, partner schools and the wider community. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in school activities and to have valued input into their child’s education. Collaborating with the Kariong Mountains Learning Community primary schools: Peats Ridge, Kulnura , Central Mangrove, Somersby and Kariong - is also integral to providing extensive opportunities for our students.

Transition to Kariong Mountains High School begins long before the start of Year 7, with opportunities in learning, sport, culture and welfare being facilitated to bring students on site and familiarise them with the school they will attend in the future. Our goal is to ensure that every stucent at our school will achieve success in their learning journey whilst with us. 

Our school proudly works with several industry organisations to provide vocational opportunities for our students in late Stage 5 and Stage 6. As a member of the Educational Pathway Program (EPP), Kariong Mountains High School has the opportunity to extend students skills, with the aim to provide possible employment opportunities in industry and trade qualifications. 

Exemplary Welfare Practices

At Kariong Mountains High School we understand that students’ learning needs are shaped by the diverse backgrounds and cultures, which make up our school.  Our school takes a holistic approach, where a student's wellbeing is part of making their schooling a positive one. We work with our students in all areas of their wellbeing, providing a safe space to get help with their schoolwork, talk through stress that may come with adolescence, along with a calming space to help students recentre themselves. Through student services, our wellbeing team provides support to our students socially, physically, and emotionally. Our team ensures that student learning and wellbeing is at the forefront, to enable every student in getting the right education for them while being treated as an individual in a safe and enjoyable place, and to have positive memories when they graduate.

Unity, Knowledge, Respect

Our school strives to be one that values diversity, recognises and celebrates our Aboriginal heritage and prepares students for taking on the challenges of their future learning journeys. Effective welfare and learning support programs have been developed to ensure that students feel safe, are respected and respect the rights of others, thus creating a learning environment that encourages students to strive for excellence and act in accord with our motto values: ‘Unity Knowledge Respect’.

As a comprehensive community school, we set ourselves high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them.  This is a school of which we can be proud, with a passionate and committed staff who work in unity with the community to produce future citizens who think critically, have compassion for others and can take on the challenges that will lead to a better society.

Donna James