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Medication protocols

The administration staff is prepared to supervise/administer medication prescribed by the student’s doctor. Staff is trained in the administration of prescribed medication and first aid treatments.

Parents are required to fill out the relevant paperwork available from the office. Staff will also meet with parents and student to discuss the appropriate routine for the student. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the discussed routine. Parents are responsible for ensuring all medication and details are current.

An individual Health Care Plan will be drawn up in conjunction with parents for each student with a medical condition. These plans are displayed in relevant areas in the school.

Medication needs to come to school in a clearly marked container with the doctor’s instructions attached.

Diabetic Students

A current step by step plan is to be provided by parents to the school office.

The plan needs to cover actions for hypos and hypers (a kit to cover such emergency needs to be left in the office) and needs to have contactable phone numbers. Students are responsible for ensuring they do BGL readings at relevant times. Staff will supervise if required.

Anaphylaxis Students

Students are required to carry their Epipen or Anapen at all times. A health care plan is to be provided to the office. A spare epipen or anapen can be left in the office.

Parents should inform the school at time of enrolment if their child has an allergy (eg peanuts).

Asthmatic Students

Students are to carry their inhalers at all times. A health care plan is to be provided to the office and a spare labelled inhaler needs to be provided as a spare to be kept in the office.

ADHD Students

Students are required to bring to school enough medication for a week each Monday. The container needs to be clearly marked with dose and time. It is the student’s responsibility to report to the office for their medication at the correct time. Unfortunately, staff are unable to follow up students who do not present.

Kariong Mountains High School does not administer non-prescribed medication.

Please note the school will call an ambulance if required and/or parents and cares cannot be contacted.