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This section showcases performance related beyond the classroom events and opportunities at Kariong Mountains High School.


Since Kariong Mountains High School opened its doors in 2010 Drama has been a key component to the rich cultural experiences our high school offers its students. Housed in a state of the art performance studio, Kariong Mountains High School is committed to providing the best education in theatre and performance on the Central Coast.

Performance Culture in Practice

Anybody who has been involved in theatre (either as a professional or amateur) will tell you that the real reward comes from being part of the experience, both on stage and off. They will also tell you that to learn about theatre, you need to be absorbed in it, rather than just learning about it. Unfortunately, sometimes in reality, it is difficult for schools to provide this true experience from classroom or small performance space learning.

At Kariong Mountains High School we promote the concept of Performance Culture in Practice. To us this means that every learning experience in theatre or drama needs to be somehow tied to performance itself. To this extent:

  • All activities (both in curriculum and co-curriculum) are designed to be performed to a live audience. Students run every element of their shows from promotion to stage management.
  • Curricular, co-curricular and special interest performances are programmed and linked together to foster the idea that students are not entering a classroom as students, they are entering a theatre space as performers.
  • Students are trained in all aspects of stagecraft, ranging from light and sound technics, costuming, makeup, stage logistics, directing and performance.

When your child participates in Drama at Kariong Mountains High School, they come away with the knowledge and experience of being a fully functioning theatre company.

Chances to be engaged and extended

Drama is available to every student at Kariong Mountains High School. No experience is required, just a driving desire to be part of a fun and motivated team of people interested in the arts.

The Performance Studio

The Performance (or Movement) Studio is a state of the art space within the grounds of Kariong Mountains High School. Some of the features of the space include:

  • Space to house performance for up to 200 audience members (comfortably seated). The professional standard theatrical curtains provide us options of how to maximise the space for small, cozy performances up to larger productions.
  • Wall to wall acoustic panelling to maximise the quality of sound for all performance productions. There is also an induction loop that runs through the space to support people with hearing difficulties to fully appreciate the performances.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional lighting and sound equipment, including theatrical lights kindly donated by the Kariong Mountains High School P&C.

If you have any queries or questions regarding Drama at Kariong Mountains High School, please feel free to contact the Head Teacher of English/Drama, Mr Jai Lester for more information. We look forward to seeing you all at our next performance!

Vocal Ensemble

Since its establishment, KMHS music students have been involved in a number of performances, involving both community and school events. Our rock band has performed at the Mt Penang Flora Festival and at the Kariong Community Fun Festival. Various students, ranging from instrumentalists, to vocalists and ensembles to rock bands, have performed at our Night of the Arts, annual presentation evenings and talent quests.

Co-curricula Activities

Extending from Year 7-12, our co-curricular program caters for both novice and more experienced musicians and a range of styles. These include:

  • Year 7 Music Club
  • Year 8 Music Club
  • Vocal Group
  • Practical mentoring on all instruments and for performance

The music room is open for students during most breaks.